SynBiont Crop Enhancer

“Providing innovative solutions from Field to Fork”

Synbiont Crop Enhancer not only has excellent wetting properties, but does so much more; Its advanced surfactant technology incorporates a synergistic blend of powerful anionic surfactants that together dramatically enhance fungicides and pesticides used in fruit and vegetable crops. Incorporate Synbiont Crop Enhancer in your weekly chemical application and see the difference for yourself. Synbiont Crop Enhancer has been extensively tested both in the laboratory and in field trials. It has been observed that weekly use of Synbiont Crop Enhancer as an adjuvant with a comprehensive spray program greatly reduced the incidences of diseases such as but not limited to:

  • On tomatoes: Bacterial spot spec, and canker, late and early blights, and enhances pesticides that are used to control pests.
  • On cucurbits such as squashes, cucumbers, and melons: downy mildew, powdery mildew, and angular leaf spot.
  • On strawberries: Botrytis, powdery mildew, and angular leaf spot.
  • On citrus: citrus canker, and enhances the pesticides that are used for brown citrus aphid and other pests.
  • Pre harvest use has been laboratory shown to help reduce post-harvest diseases.
  • Helps achieve sanitization goals by having cleaner fruit and creating a synergistic reaction to reduce fungi, bacteria, and human pathogens.

The list goes on, but don’t take our word for it. Speak to an EQ Ag Representative (Call Toll Free: 1-888-641-7218). An EQ Ag expert is always available for questions, concerns, or to help you formulate a plan that works for your particular farm no matter how large or small. We have over 40 years experience in the agriculture industry, not as salesmen but as growers ourselves, and our reputation is your satisfaction with our product.


A powerful part of your spray mixture

Field trials have shown that Synbiont Crop Enhancer, incorporated in a comprehensive spray program dramatically enhances the effectiveness of fungicides and bactericides used to treat common crop diseases such as but not limited to: Downey & Powdery Mildews on cucurbits, Bacterial Spec, Spot, and canker of Tomatoes, Botrytis, Citrus Canker, Blights, and other bacterial and fungal diseases of several vegetable and fruit crops.

Wetting and spreading

Synbiont Crop Enhancer is an excellent wetting agent which provides better coverage with reduced runoff as it reduces the surface tension allowing the spray mixture to spread evenly over the leaves and foliage. Synbiont Crop Enhancer has been designed for fast spreading, uniform distribution and absorption on all surfaces. This helps in the action of pesticides as well as herbicides where total foliar coverage is key to achieving the best possible desired effects.

Super charge pesticides

In addition to its powerful action on bacterial and fungal diseases Synbiont Crop Enhancer super charges insecticides! It not only aids in coverage of the insecticide with its wetting and penetrating properties, but also helps break down the waxy coating on the bodies of some hard bodied insects allowing the insecticide to penetrate their outer shells, and effects the spiracle of soft skinned insects allowing the insecticide to more easily enter the vascular system of the pest accelerating death of the target pest. White flies, aphids, thrip, leaf minor and egg laying insects (adult or nymph stage).


The structure of Synbiont Crop Enhancer incorporates advanced surfactant technology and a proprietary blend of surfactants that have a unique, active synergy. These surfactants were selected because of their high water solubility, compatibility with other chemicals, and activity at low concentrations.


This product is shown to be compatible with most common vegetable chemical products. However, some field trials have shown some mild foliar burn in tomatoes when used in conjunction with systemic fungicides at the maximum rate that contain mefenoxam (Ridomil, Apron, Subdue etc…). Labels of products to be tank mixed with Synbiont Crop Enhancer should be read for product incompatibility with anionic surfactants.


Synbiont Crop Enhancer complies with EPA CFR 40 180.91 and FDA CFR 21 173.315 so there is no reentry or pre-harvest restrictions.

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