SynBiont Fruit & Vegetable Wash

“A Valuable Part of Any Sanitization Process.”


Stabilize the chemistry of sanitizing solutions

Sanitizing or washing fruits and vegetables in a consistent and controlled set of parameters such as pH and a specified ppm of a sanitizer can be very challenging due to the organic matter such as soil or leaves that fruits and vegetables unavoidably introduce to any process. Synbiont Fruit & Vegetable Wash’s advanced formulation of surfactants and acids balance the pH increasing effects of chlorine and reduce the organic matters ability to obstruct the sanitizer’s action, leaving a more balanced and easy to maintain water chemistry. This means a less volatile and effective sanitizing and cleaning process.


The structure of Synbiont Fruit & Vegetable Wash incorporates advanced surfactant technologies and a proprietary blend of surfactants and organic acids that have a unique, active synergy. These surfactants and acids were selected because of their high water solubility, compatibility with other chemicals, superior cleaning/emulsifying properties, and high activity at low concentrations.


Synbiont Fruit & Vegetable Wash is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, food grade, and complies fully with EPA CFR 40 180.91 inert ingredients exempt from the requirements of a tolerance, and FDA CFR 21 173.315 for washing fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Synbiont Fruit and Vegetable Wash is a product for use in cleaning or sanitizing processes in the food industry. Synbiont Fruit and Vegetable Wash was formulated using cutting edge surfactant technology with years of research and development. With the current emphases in the food industry on food safety, Synbiont Fruit and Vegetable Wash can be a valuable part of any sanitization process.

Food Safety

Is one of the biggest challenges to any institution involved in any part of the food industry. From the field to the dinner table it is not only in everyone’s best interest to stay ahead of the curve with Food Safety issues, but a moral obligation for anyone entrusted with the responsibility of feeding the public. That’s where Synbiont Fruit & Vegetable Wash can be a very powerful tool in the fight with food borne illness and spoilage bacteria that cost the Fruit & Vegetable industry millions of dollars a year in decaying product.

A powerful part of your sanitation process

Synbiont Fruit & Vegetable Wash has been extensively tested and shown to dramatically enhance the antimicrobial action of chlorine at levels as low as 25 ppm against spoilage organisms Erwinia Carotovora (Bacterial Soft Rot) and Geotrichum Candidum (Sour Rot) that account for millions of dollars of losses in the fruit and vegetable industry. This supercharging of sanitizers also gives you a buffer or “overkill” effect against Salmonella and other food borne human pathogens. That buffer is piece of mind that your process will be much less likely to fail in unforeseen errors or mechanical failure.


This product is shown to be completely compatible with standard chlorine or bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite). However, a preliminary test performed with chlorine dioxide has resulted in inactivation of the chlorine dioxide itself so use with Chlorine dioxide is not currently recommended. Studies are currently being done with peroxide based products such as peracetic acid.

Washing and cleaning

Synbiont Fruit & Vegetable wash not only supercharges sanitizers, and maintains a stable sanitizing chemistry, but also has powerful cleaning and washing properties. Powerful anionic surfactants power away dirt, dust, soil, and bio-films caused by bacterial build up away from fruits and vegetables. This is especially helpful when dealing with tubers or crops harvested near to the soil.

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