About Us

EQ Ag Solutions is a provider of superior performing, cost-effective solutions for use on crops of all kinds, as well as in Fruit and Vegetable processing plants. Readily biodegradable, Food Grade, and environmentally friendly, these products can be used without fear pre-harvest restrictions or harmful chemical residues. EQ Ag Solutions is the premier provider of innovative solutions utilizing advanced, cutting edge surfactant technology for growers and packers who are looking for solutions for some of their toughest issues.

Contact us, as an EQ Ag expert is always available for questions, concerns, or to help you formulate a plan that works for your particular farm, crop, or processing plant no matter how large or small. We have over 40 years experience in the agriculture industry, not as fast talking salesmen but as growers and processors ourselves, and our reputation is your satisfaction with our product. See our product sections below for more detailed information about our new Synbiont brand products. These products are the culmination of years of research and development in the lab as well as in field trials. Synbiont Crop Enhancer and Synbiont Fruit & Vegetable Wash are cutting edge products that are the future of Agriculture products; Safe, Effective, and environmentally friendly.

With 70 years combined experience in the produce industry. We also provide professional agricultural consulting on food safety issues and product sanitation. Contact us for a quote!